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State Representative

State Representative

Flag of Ohio

Republican Nominee

For State Representative

I am running to represent you in the Ohio House of Representatives for District 98.

  • Conservative Republican
  • Pro-Life
  • Pro-School Choice
  • Strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment
  • For limited government

I will always show up, put in the hard work and stay true to our values!


Jim Jordan

Current United States Congressman

Darrell Kick

Current 98th District Representative

Anita Hall

Holmes County Recorder

Bill Pursel

Knox County Commissioner

Meet Mark

I have been married to my wife Veronica for 32 years. We live in Knox County near Howard. We have two children, two grandchildren and two grandpups.

I grew up in Ashland Ohio and spent a lot of time helping out at my parents small business. Outside of helping at the store, I spent my time tinkering and fixing things. I was at my best when trying to solve a problem.

While attending Ashland High School, I interned at WNCO which lead to disc-jockeying on the weekends. From there I moved into the engineering department and eventually into an ownership role.

With a degree in Broadcast Engineering Technology and an MBA, I have built multiple successful businesses from the ground up. As a business owner I understand the impact that taxes and regulations have on businesses and families.

As a Conservative Republican I will always defend the Constitution and the rule of law. I believe in Liberty and Freedom for all Americans. I am a member of the Buckeye Firearms Association and, as a candidate for House District 98, I received an “A” rating. I am also a member of the NRA and am a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment.

I am for limited government and for pushing power as close to the people as possible. We have the best chance of being heard at the local level. I support reducing taxes wherever possible and will fight to eliminate the Ohio Income Tax. I believe Ohioans know how best to spend their own hard-earned money, not bureaucrats in Columbus.

I am not a career politician but a new face with a fresh perspective. I take this race and the responsibilities that come along with this position seriously. My obligation is to you, the members of our community, and I will always take into consideration how legislation will affect our community by consulting with stakeholders before voting or presenting bills for consideration. I will fight on your behalf in Columbus.


As a grandfather, one of my biggest worries is that our grandchildren will not have the same opportunities and freedoms in life that prior generations have had unless we get our state and country back on track.

  • We must uphold the Rule of Law and the Constitutions of Ohio and the United States. These documents are our foundation, not just suggestions.
  • We must work to find a solution to Issue One. Ohio now has the most liberal abortion law in the country but this is not the end of the pro-life movement. I will fight for the unborn and the dignity of life.
  • We must work to stop the expansion of government. The amount of government oversight makes it difficult to make any progress. We need to simplify government and put as much power back into the hands of the people as possible.
  • We must work to eliminate Ohio’s State Income Tax putting more of the hard-earned money back into the hands of Ohioans where it belongs.
  • We must support our first responders and ensure that they have the tools to keep us (and them) safe.
  • We must create a marketplace where schools can compete. Ensuring that schools have the tools they need to be competitive, as well as providing parents options to ensure their kids get the best education possible will elevate our education system with our kids reaping the benefits.

Politics is a team sport and we must spend more time fighting against those that want to destroy our values and less time fighting amongst our own party.

Get Involved

Help us in the fight against our American values! Please send an email to to:

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  • Volunteer your time
  • Have Mark speak to your group

As much as I don’t like it, it takes money to win elections. You can help make a difference no matter the amount! Click the button below to donate now.

Voter Resources

Ohio District 98

  • Coshocton County
  • Holmes County
  • Eastern Knox County, including Mt. Vernon

Early Voting Begins Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Check with your county Board of Elections for hours and location

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